Maintenance Guide

Download “Keen Kutter 300 Series Machine Maintenance Guide”



300 Series Machine Maintenance and Instructions


            Please remember that the blades are VERY SHARP!  Always be careful when handling, operating, and/or cleaning the machine.


1. We recommend mounting the Keen Kutter to insure a secure surface for cutting.  The machine can either be wall mounted, or  mounted on a portable surface for easy traveling.  The machine can be wall mounted with our Part # TB-100, the Shaver Keen Kutter Wall Bracket. This wall bracket is custom built to fit the Keen Kutter, and includes all hardware needed to install.  The machine can also be mounted on the counter, or other flat surface.  If you are looking for a portable option, we recommend mounting the machine on a board that can be easily moved, but is also able to be clamped or secured down prior to use.

2. Keep the machine well oiled for ease of use.  We recommend using a food safe oil daily prior to each use.  A few drops on each bushing (located on the slide casting), and a drop on each hinge, screw, and any other hinge on the machine.

3.  Clean the machine thoroughly before and after each use with a mild soap and water.  Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning solvents.  Keeping the machine clean will help prevent food build up, and keep the machine running with ease, as well as maintain a safe environment for food preparation.  Use caution when cleaning blades, they are VERY SHARP!

4. When replacing blades, please reference the guide below, and always use caution when hands come in contact with blades. Be careful to not over tighten the knobs on the front of the cutting head.  Do not use any tools, only tighten by hand to avoid stripping the threading from the insert.


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